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Black Road - Black Road EP

Image of Black Road - Black Road EP


The Black Road EP coming soon on Limited Edition vinyl!

"Black Road leads us through a smoke-filled wasteland of riff crusted doom and fuzz tracked heavy blues. Suzi Uzi takes center stage with a red hot output of sultry croonage backed by throbbing bass, layers of guitar mystic and the hard rock polished production by none other than Tony Reed." --Bucky Brown

"In a scene where female vocalists are fast becoming the norm it is getting increasingly hard for bands with similar line ups to stand out from the crowd but Black Road manage to do this not just by the fact they have a striking looking lead singer with strong, powerful sultry tones at their helm but also because these guys have the chops to back up such a voice and the songs to compliment those tones and when you put that all together in one place you end up with something quite special." --Frazer Jones

"An outstanding release of highly talented FFOBR with incredible songwriting, intense lyrics , artistic integrity, drawing from the blues , classical music , and seventies hard rock . The vocals will melt you ." --Paul Rote

"The thing with all these “Sabbath Worship” bands is that some of them do it really well putting their own little ingredient in the mix and others do it really badly. Black Road completely took me by surprise and reminded me that bands can grow and turn into something that even I didn’t think was possible. Black Road has definitely turned into a swan with this EP and I can’t wait to see where they take me from here on out." --Don de Leaumont

Vocals/Lyrics/Piano: Suzi Uzi
Guitars: Tim M.
Bass: Casey Papp
Drums: Robert Gonzales
Mellotron [Track 4 "Morte (coda)"]: Tony Reed (Mos Generator)

Tracked/Recorded: Brad V Earl & Suzi Uzi
Mixed & Mastered: Tony Reed at HeavyHead Recording Company
Cover Art: Nick Gurley Artwork
Album Layout & Design: Suzi Uzi

Coming Soon