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Image of DAWN - DAWN EP


Details coming soon...

"Drenched in a languid, dream-like haze, Sydney’s DAWN have an EP of pure alchemy forged gold on their hands. Rhythmic shades of OM in places, bursts of phasered fuzz in others, and ice cool vocals fading in and out of the misty riffs and splashing cymbals. In terms of pace DAWN keep it in low gear throughout, which will no doubt very much appeal to all fans of the ‘tune low, play slow’ gravity inducing mantra. Highly recommended listening!"
~Clint (Hand Of Doom Radio)

"From the murky depths of the abyss heavy riffs and slow mesmeric hymns are celebrated. Hypnotising their followers to join in their rituals and enter the circle of Doom. Before the darkness comes the Dawn..."
~DHU Records

Coming Soon